Weather Blitz

In the fall, it rains almost every day here, and often quite hard. Twice already it’s hailed. But yesterday Delft had an actual “storm warning,” so I was fairly eager to see what this meant. Until mid-morning it meant nothing. Then the wind picked up, and for a while there were extreme, bike-defying gusts that persisted throughout the day. The rain began, normal strength at first and then just beyond anything I’ve seen since we got here. Compounded with the wind, this rain was going to get you soaked no matter what preventative measures you were sporting.

Unfortunately, this was around the same time Tim had to meet two friends at the train station who are moving here in a month and came this weekend to house-hunt. They showed up after the seven-minute walk to our home so dripping wet that I actually handed them towels to dry their heads off. Their suitcases were soaked to the interiors. And though the rain slowed by evening, we did not see a single child for St. Martin’s day. Coincidence? I’m not sure. And now it’s Friday and there is a bowl of candy sitting in defiance next to the fruit bowl.


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