Go Big or Go Home: Thanksgiving

I mentioned with regard to knitting that sometimes I can get in over my head. This does not only happen with arts and crafts.

Last week we decided to invite people to celebrate Thanksgiving at our apartment, some Americans and Canadians, and some Europeans who have never celebrated this holiday before. (Some of whom are quite excited, making me feel like we have a lot to live up to!) We didn’t know how many people would say yes, but it’s looking now like we’ll have in the vicinity of twenty people here.

If there were ever an appropriate time (and I am not saying there is) for the acronym LOL, I think this is it, because I cannot stop laughing while I am typing this. I am so excited to have all our new friends over, and excited by the challenge of drawing up a food battle plan, including a lot of dishes that can be made the day before.

What are your favorite make-ahead recipes for a holiday gathering? Any good tips? How much stuff CAN you put in the oven at once?

And did I mention we only have four chairs right now? Luckily, that should be changing tomorrow….



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5 responses to “Go Big or Go Home: Thanksgiving

  1. My sister taught me how to make turkey roast…and once it’s in the oven, it’s not hard. Pies and squash you can do ahead….so the oven is free for the bird. I always roast LONGER than the directions say, because I like it falling off the bone. Martha says DON’T put the dressing in the bird until you are ready to put the bird in the oven…..make it ahead…and have it COLD. For a 2:00 p.m. dinner….I put the turkey in the oven around 6:00 a.m….giving me plenty of ‘rest’ time when it’s DONE, and carving time.
    P.S. get serving spoons, platters, dishes to serve all out ahead of time…so you’re not fishing at the last minute!

  2. Kevin

    Our friend’s held their annual Pre-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday. In this case it is pot luck of sorts and the host takes care of the bird. So perhaps your American and Canadian friends could provide some side dishes while you cook the stuffed turkey (did you find one yet?) and one or two of your favorite sides. Must have and easy dish: corn bread. Or even tastier, corn bread pudding. My wife makes an excellent version but I do not know where she got the recipe.

  3. Katie

    We’re hosting 16 at the new house! Here is my tip: go buy a roasting oven. You can cook the turkey in that sucker and leave the oven for heating/reheating.

    • unquiettime

      I may not be able to buy it, but what is this roasting oven you speak of? Link, please. Also, photos, please, following your event.

  4. Susan Blosser

    We love reading your blog Meghan! I’m sure your Thanksgiving will turn out great!

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