Couch Delivery

After months of nothing to sit on other than our kitchen chairs and the floor, we finally bought a couch this week at the intersection of aesthetically pleasing and affordable. We bought it at the Kringloopwinkel at Rotterdamseweg 404, Delft, which is definitely worth a visit if you need cheap furniture. Our couch is used, but you’d only know it because the seats are a little scuffed up and there is one small tear in the leather. (I think it’s leather and not pleather. I guess I don’t know for sure.) The Kringloopwinkel will deliver, too, for E20—but they only deliver to the door. This is how this scene came to be:

Is that couch purple? Yes. Yes, it is.

Two of Tim’s coworkers were kind enough to ride over on their bikes to help with the move-in. The couch turned out to be a hair’s breadth from not even fitting in our front door. But a good shove got it in and then it was a straight shot up to the landing to the dreaded turning staircase (Harry Potter on the brain—just imagined the moving staircases in Hogwarts, but I meant that ours just has a bend in it…unfortunately).

This was anticipated to be the tricky point… correctly. After several hard minutes of angular shoving, the couch was merely wedged in the stairwell between the two floors. I was upstairs and could only see the top end of the couch and hear muffled instructions.

The extrication of the couch in the end involved some major scuffing of the back of the couch (no big) and a couple dings in the wall. Unstuck, it was a relatively easy last push up onto the top floor. And as the guys suggested, we will move it out by pitching it over the balcony.


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  1. Linda

    This couch will be an exquisite frontground to the vase of multicolored tulips which will surely be on that windowsill come spring! I like it.

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