Night Riders

New favorite early winter activity: bike rides at night. This weekend we rode our bikes in the evening to the neighboring towns of Voorburg and Rijswijk, both about eight kilometers from here, taking us about a half hour each way. We go to see friends in these places semi-frequently, but have been taking the tram and bus because we assumed we’d be too cold. This weekend we decided to give it a shot. Then we liked it so much, we repeated the adventure the following night.

I bundled up pretty good (dorky hat, huge gloves, fleece under my coat) but to my surprise wasn’t really cold once we got going. It helps that my awesomely warm coat has a flap that flips up and covers most of my face. (It also permanently chafes my chin in the winter.) We headed out of Delft on the main roads, and then in both cases mostly followed a bike path along one of the canals. The air was crisp, the skies were clear, and the overall feeling of whizzing along was very peaceful. In the towns there are Christmas lights up now, so there were some lovely picturesque views. We passed just enough other bikers to make us feel like we weren’t alone in a creepy way. The rides were quiet and thought-inducing.

Back in Delft along the Old Church. Lights on for safety.


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