BE the Copy Editor

Some people see bloopers on menus and highway signs and wedding programs and family Christmas cards and album covers by local bands (but I digress).

Some people do something about them. Thanks to vigilant reader Tom, we have our very first before/after copyediting sequence:

No good.



(We’ll assume they got “tomatoe” too….) Maybe you can join the Spelling Correction Elves this week and spread some holiday accuracy!

And hey, if you’re near Boston this week and you need a little Christmas, stop by for a candlelight service on Dec. 22, 23, or 24 at Grace Chapel. The one-hour family-friendly service will give you the opportunity to sing carols, watch a short drama (no, it’s not of Mary and Joseph and a manger), and reflect on the season.



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4 responses to “BE the Copy Editor

  1. Kevin

    I’ll assume you wrote the drama again this year. Well done, as always. I was at the rehearsal so I’ll just say it was inspiring with some very funny bits included. Do you get any say in the casting? I have a feeling you wrote the snarky daughter part just for Angela.

  2. unquiettime

    Thanks, Kevin… I did write the script. I did not know, though, that Angela would be cast until later on. Lori is the mastermind of the casting… and then we pray that people will be available and say yes! Tim and I will miss sitting in the pit with you. (Did we see another trumpeter in the recent photos?!)

    • Kevin

      Yes, he just started a few months ago. Having just moved back to the area he just came up one day after service and asked how to join. What’s more interesting, a Harvard PhD student left and a MIT PhD student arrived. How funny is that?! I am very thankful. He’s not playing with the Holy Horns yet, but I’ve very glad he played on Messiah (as in Handel) Sunday.

  3. Scott

    Got back from the first night. Fantastic! All went well and we thoroughly enjoyed performing your script. Thank you for sharing your talents.

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