Restaurants (Still) Need Copy Editors, and So Do TV Shows.

There’s backlog in my life of things that need to be blogged. Maybe this week I’ll get on a roll. Two things that are accumulating rapidly are 1. items that need copy editors and 2. things that are “American.” I’ll start with copy editors.

By now, I’m sure we’re all convinced that restaurants need copy editors. But here’s another great example of what you wind up with otherwise.

Sambuca misspell, fine; this menu’s in translation and I don’t like anise-flavored things. Coco powder; again, I’d let that slide given the situation. (This menu was photographed at a local restaurant here in Delft, and quite a delicious one at that.) But there’s something about wiped cream that got a big raised eyebrow from everyone in our party.


Tim will attest to the following statement: sometimes while watching TV, I see text run by on the screen with an error in it, and I nearly explode. Once your brain is trained to seek and destroy errors, you don’t get perfect, but typos really jump out at you. On screen, the moment is often gone before I can capture evidence. Not so if you’re watching a downloaded episode on iTunes!

Now, I love The Biggest Loser. It warms my heart (I love a good transformation!) and inspires me to go running. And I know there is a small-percentage-chance alternate read on this caption—i.e. if the campus is literally named “Unknown Trainers.” But, considering what a weird name that would be, I have to say… I think there’s a possessive apostrophe missing here.



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