Internet Awesomeness

A lot of blogs I read occasionally do a post comprised of interesting other blogs or links. I usually avoid that, but this week so much Internet Awesomeness has stumbled across my screen that I need to pass some of it on. Note: the following items will be wildly unrelated.

1. Save the Words, where you adopt a word that is fading out of usage by committing to using it in public. My adopted word-child is welmish. It means “of a pale or sickly color.” The sky was a bit welmish here today, in between when we got buckets and buckets of rain (which you aquabibs would have loved—you know who you are).

2. The interrobang. Did you know there’s a punctuation mark that’s both a question mark and an exclamation point? One mark! Two things! Great name! Use it frivolously.

3. Charcutepalooza. The so-named “Year of Meat,” in which a band of bloggers takes on monthly challenges of curing and preserving their own meats with as much local sourcing as possible. I would really like to sign up for this, but have to decide if I can commit. (Last year I signed up to blog at FiftyTwoFiftyTwo and read fifty-two books in a year, and instead I should have formed my own personal site called ThirtyFiftyTwo…. Hats off to all those who completed the challenge. In my defense I lost a whole month on Orhan Pamuk’s The Museum of Innocence.) Meatwise, I’m still just not as savvy on buying things here/ knowing the words for them as I was in Cambridge, but I think I have the makings of quite an adventurous chef for when we move back to the US.

4. NEW short story collection from one of my favorite authors, Van Reid. I am desperate to get my hands on a copy of this ASAP, though it seems to not be available yet on most of the major sites I searched.


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  1. Kent

    Never heard of preserving a word before. I’ve been more into trying to drop overused words like the folks at Lake Superior do each year.

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