Alumni window decals and soothing teas need…

It’s not always glamorous being an alumna of a music program. Your expensive artistic training complete, you now have to find your way in very competitive and often low-paying circles. You may have to work a strange side-job, or teach lessons to make ends meet. But you’re proud of your skills and you want the world to know that you graduated from Mason Gross School of the… Art?

Hmm, when you attended there, you were pretty sure it was arts, plural. Blasted budget cuts…

(Thanks to Stefanie for this one!)

And for our second curious example today:

I suppose there’s some far-fetched chance that the title of this tea is meant to be artsy… but I’d stake my wager that it was meant to be “Breathe Deep.” Or maybe “Deep Breath”? Breath is a noun; breathe is a verb. Repeat while inhaling steam from herbal teas.


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