“American”/Copy Editor Two-for-One!

I love the Asian grocery shops here. They truly are your best bet for stumble-upon items that you haven’t seen anywhere else: Arm & Hammer Baking Soda. Crisco. Soy beans in the shells. And…

Courtesy of a big Asian market right near the Centrum stop in den Haag.

It’s “great American” AND it needs a copy editor (for putting the mellow in marshmallow). This was really beyond anything I expected to find, Asian grocery or otherwise.

And since lately my dictionary of choice has been the OED (after the termination of a long, paid relationship with Merriam-Webster Unabridged), here are a couple definitions of marshmallow:

A soft sweet confection made originally from the root of the marshmallow plant and later from albumen, gelatin, sugar, etc.; a small cake of this.

A person who or thing which is insubstantial, superficial, weak, or sentimental.

Who knew? I’d never heard the latter.



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3 responses to ““American”/Copy Editor Two-for-One!

  1. Dad

    Meg, perhaps you need to see the word used in a sentence to understand its use on the second definition. In keeping with the upcoming start of spring training, and also that it is never too early to begin trash talking….. The Red Sox are a bunch of marshmallows!

  2. Anne

    Hey we found marshmallows too – at the Albert Heijn in Leidsenhage right next to some root beer! A later trip turned up Rice Krispies – there might be a classic American dessert coming up sometime soon…

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