Running Against the Wind

A few mornings a week, I go out running. And as I plug along in the weather conditions of the day (rarely since about late November would I describe them as pleasant) getting farther and farther from home, I often ask myself: “Who is this person?!” I have not been a runner for very long, and have only lately been attempting distances beyond five miles. This is because to run 10k requires just over six miles, and we are running the City-Pier-City race in den Haag on March 13.

Running this winter I have learned the following:

  • Running in the rain is really not that bad, unless you’re wearing clothes that will get soggy.
  • Running the cold is really not my favorite, but I can do it. [If it’s icy, though, I stay put.]
  • Running in the wind is my absolute least favorite of all these conditions.

Over this past weekend, our weather on simply showed the icon of a windsock. It also included the “BFT” ratings, which we learned represent the Beaufort Scale, degrees of wind from zero to twelve. Our weather forecasts predicted sixes, I think, for the last few days, but based on the descriptors, I would say we experienced some solid eights. These were mainly identified by the phrase: “progress on foot is seriously impeded.”

And it was! I had difficulty on Sunday just walking to and from the grocery store. I stopped at one point to lean up against a building. People pedaling on bikes seemed to be pedaling in place. Many people walked their bikes over the weekend, to avoid the following: 1. biking into a tree because you can’t steer (Tim witnessed this); 2. falling off your bike in the wind (several reports of this one).

Yesterday things had calmed down slightly and so I went out for a six-mile run. I run from the centrum of Delft out through this big park area called Delftse Hout.

It’s a really scenic run because you start out with seventeenth, eighteenth century buildings and wind up out in farm country. (The church steeple here is a marker of Delft’s center, or centrum.)

Note: I do not have the gift of running with a camera (as my sister does) and so these pictures were taken on a previous—and more summery—expedition.

Sphinx-like cat

The whole return leg of my run yesterday was against the wind, and it was so awful. Today things are much calmer and the air is one notch closer to spring.


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  1. dad

    i just want to confirm… i have run in temps from below 0 to greater than 90 (F), in pouring rain and snow, been chased by dogs and roosters (!?), had run in with various wheeled vehicles. Wind is and shall always be my least favorite condition…. naturally is always seemed to be at my back heading out and in my face on the return.

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