I realized that I made a serious error in my last post, when I said that I hadn’t seen anyone from my Boston life. It would only be accurate to say that I haven’t seen anyone from Boston who hasn’t also moved to the Netherlands! In addition to Tim, of course, I actually know five people (and one dog) in the Netherlands who I also knew in Boston. Two work at TU Delft, two live in den Haag, and one in Leiden. It really is a small world, when I think about it. And so to all of those people, I am sorry for discounting you in my previous post!

To elongate this post, I will talk briefly about the weather: a hot topic in missives from the East Coast of the US these days. Earlier this week we had one day of spring, which I got very excited about, but then the temperatures dropped alarmingly and this morning we left for church amidst snow flurries. This has put a damper on my spring feelings, but not on the flowers that are popping up around town and on our deck! We have visitors from home coming in March, and I am hoping spring will truly arrive alongside them.



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