Everyone Needs a Copy Editor: Apostrophe Swap

It is so often the case that when you find one problem and look closer, the whole text starts to get a little questionable. Such is the murky mess of this menu (!) from somewhere in Florida. The primary offense, generating this photo’s submission, was pizza’s. (In American English, Dutch readers, this is a possessive—not a plural as it sometimes is here.) But then so many questions arise. What is Famous Grandma Pizza? Is Grandma famous? Or is the pizza famous? Why is everything capitalized except for poor grated and fresh above, but then not at all below on the parchment-colored supplement? And could we clarify something in that square one size only bit?

Well, this may be asking too much. So let’s just orchestrate an apostrophe swap: taking the errant apostrophe from pizza’s and graciously adding it below to lets.

You may be thinking about moving to Atlanta. Be advised: there is confusion about the use of punctuation, and your children will be kept safe by being barred from outdoor activities.


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One response to “Everyone Needs a Copy Editor: Apostrophe Swap

  1. Gil

    I forgot to mention:

    The bit about the Grandma Pizza, that’s an actual Thing now. it’s a thin slice on a sicilian pan with cooked tomatoes, garlig, olive oil, and spare mozzarella, then cooked so the cheese and crust burns a little. I’m a fan.

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