Sunday morning sight

Yesterday morning around 9 we were biking out of Delft on our way to church in den Haag. In the past week tourists have been absolutely unleashed on this place, and even early Sunday morning there were small clusters of people wandering around the centrum with their cameras at the ready.

Note: If you are touring this area, I recommend this early-morning strategy. Businesses aren’t open yet, but if you want to take pictures of the market square without 375 of your closest tourist friends in them, get out there early. It’s peaceful.

Anyway, we’re riding up Voorstraat and we see about five people all standing on one of the little bridges, pointing their many cameras up at one of the houses on the canal. I was curious as to what was so noteworthy about this one house, so I slowed down to look—and soon had my camera out, too. (Half because of this blog, I am rarely without my camera.)

Look at these little sunbathers! There was something so perfect about the sun, the building, even the color of the cats….

I’m not the only one who’s glad the sun has been out lately!


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