Surprised by Sheep

This morning I was out for a run in Delftse Hout, a large area of trails that is part farmland, part park, part nude beach, part legal Woodstock… a little bit of everything. It is a gorgeous spring day and I have this new running windbreaker that my dad, marathoner, sent me (I am also related to my sister, marathoner; my two uncles, marathoners; my cousin, marathoner; my aunt, marathoner… shoot) and I feel pretty spiff in it. Like if you saw me running, you would think: That girl is a runner; as opposed to, I hope that girl makes it home OK. Completing the CPC 10K race in den Haag last month (my first 10K!) has also increased my feeling of runner-ness.

So I was rocking out (the main thing that keeps me chugging along, and why I run in a park and not on roads) and my hearing was a little impaired. You know how when you’re listening to headphones, sometimes you only hear things at a certain frequency, or when they are rather close? Well, I’m running along this dirt path with woods on my left and I hear snapping twigs off to that side. Animal(s)! I think, complete with parentheses.

And I turn and look, and in the woods, literally feet from me and everywhere is a herd of sheep. Not like three or ten sheep. I am talking minimum thirty-five sheep. And they’re chowing down on greenery, and one of them and I make eye contact and I am thinking: Are sheep easily disturbed? Is my brightly colored windbreaker offensive to them? The sheep seem pretty chill, but I run a little faster just in case. Near the edge of the forest farther down I pass two unmistakeable black-and-white sheepdogs, just hanging out keeping watch, of course, over the flock.

I kept looking over my shoulder to 1. make sure there were no sheep following me and 2. to convince myself that the woods really were full of sheep. Although I later passed bison, fishermen, backpackers, myriad runners, many fowl, IKEA, and crew practice, the herd in the woods was by far the most unusual sight on my seven-mile run this morning.

Also, if you are reading this and you actually live in Delft, you should go by the Natuurwinkel today. I was just there and it is free sample day, or something. Lots of foods to sample and some trial sizes of soaps and things to take home free.



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2 responses to “Surprised by Sheep

  1. Tom

    Excellent! Sooooo… what were you ‘rocking out’ to?
    You can also thank the sheep for giving you a burst of speed. 🙂

  2. angela

    7miles?! i think for your next trick you should do a half. 😉

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