What We Get from the US

Sometimes when people come to visit us, they ask what little presents they can bring from home. It’s a tricky question because although we always get excited by the offer, there’s honestly not a lot of tangible items we are just dying for (perhaps Tim for Honey Bunches of Oats, though). Sometimes I want books. Sometimes I want products I can buy here but would prefer to read the labels of in English.

So, here’s what arrived this week with my in-laws.

1. Multi-vitamins.

2. A pair of jeans in Tim’s size (although, he hasn’t tried them on yet, so it could be a fail).

3. Neutrogena sunscreen with high SPF.

4. Starbucks coffee in large bags

5. Toll House chocolate chips for baking! Yay, chocolate chips!

6. Sprinkles (Yes, you can definitely get sprinkles here.)

7. Gold Bond powder

8. Dairy Aid (Mine! They don’t sell it here!)

9. Converter Euro thingy for the MacBook

There. Now isn’t that a riveting list? What would you miss from home if you couldn’t get your hands on it?



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5 responses to “What We Get from the US

  1. Mathieu

    There are only a handful of things on the standard shopping list for trips to/travellers from home …

    – Jumbo size bottles of ibuprofen
    – NyQuil in bulk (DayQuil optional)
    – High quality ZipLoc bags of various sizes
    – Arm & Hammer refrigerator deodorizer refills
    – Reese’s Pieces
    – Mexican ingredients (mostly tinned chipotles, tomatillos and other such joy)
    – Good microwave popcorn

    And thats about it. Of course there are plenty of cost-efficiency/hard-to-find one-offs (like the iPad and esoteric spare parts that my folks are bringing with them in June), but otherwise these are the only things we still really miss in the shops.

    Now if things like donuts/bagels/meats travelled easier, that list would be a lot longer… 🙂

  2. unquiettime

    Oh, bagels, absolutely. I would mail-order a good bagel some mornings! The ones at Bagels & Beans are just not the same. (This just spawned a whole discussion on ‘what if you bought them fresh right before you flew and then froze them as soon as you got here…’)
    Thanks for sharing your list. My husband agrees with you on the ZipLoc bags. We have a jar of ibuprofen that should last us for 2/3 of our life right now (Target jumbo size).

  3. Katrina

    Aside from an Anna’s Taqueria burrito? 😉

    When we lived in a more remote town in Alabama, we did miss things like Starbucks (we brew the same Italian Roast beans by the way!) and Dunkin’ Donuts. We couldn’t find veal anywhere. I missed Trader Joe’s-specific items like “Midnight Moo” chocolate sauce.

    So on my list there are only two items one could transport…coffee beans and chocolate syrup.

    (Pizza and Bagels are what I miss most from Jersey/NY….sigh.)

  4. Katrina

    Oh I almost forgot! We did have friends send us a care package in Alabama that included fall leaves. LOVED that.

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