Bilingual McDonald’s Ad Needs a Copy Editor

It took two languages (plus common sense) for Linda to interpret this ad.

If you’re reading English, apparently, McNuggets Parties are lame without McNuggets—seems a little redundant. Birthday parties are lame without birthdays.

But then if you’re reading Spanish, you get: McNuggets, without them it is not a party. This appears to be a direct address to McNuggets. Bob, it’s not a party without cake. 

I’d say both texts would benefit from the use of a colon. But if you’re throwing a McNuggets party, carry on.



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5 responses to “Bilingual McDonald’s Ad Needs a Copy Editor

  1. I’m blaming this one on typography as much as grammar. McNUGGETS PARTIES should have been broken onto two lines. Actually, McNUGGETS on one line, and then below that, “Parties are lame without them,” in the smaller font size. But then, I don’t like colons on posters.

    I am more concerned that one of the nuggets has been partially eaten and returned to the stack. If that’s verisimilitude, I have yet another reason not to attend a McNugget Party.

  2. unquiettime

    It is a good point that typography could have played a clarifying role here. The colon could prove fussy for a McDonald’s ad.

  3. Gil

    Apparently I am way out of the loop, as I have yet to be invited to a McNuggets Party.

  4. Becky

    We received this ad too. I told Kevin I liked the Spanish translation better than the English.

  5. Linda

    Wow! I’ve been published!

    I actually don’t think it has anything to do with McNuggets parties, but rather ALL parties, as in, “McNuggets. Without them it isn’t a party.” That appears to be a direct translation of the Spanish, with an arbitrary punctuation substitution. The period is neither perfectly correct nor “too stuffy for McDonald’s.” At least the pause in reading clarifies the idea. As has been suggested by others, making “McNuggets” the title and starting the rest of the text on the next line also works.

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