There isn’t, to my knowledge, a law here that requires you to clean up after your dog. (All evidence certainly points this way. You don’t have to clean up after your horse, either.)

However, it may be advisable to do so.

Seen near our home

My husband would like to point out that this sign does not need a copy editor.



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4 responses to “Consequences

  1. Katrina

    Maybe it does need a copy editor. It implies that the dog will be punished for pooping.

  2. Mathieu

    Opruimplicht is the nice word that they use for cleaning up after your dog, and it is the law. Thankfully, the majority of dog owners do abide by it or we would truly be up a certain creek …. 55% of Dutch households own a pet…

  3. Jeanette

    Yikes! I hope there’s some grace for the occassional time when you forget a bag during the dog walk. I confess-I’ve erred a few times, but it’s usually been in the woods. Apologies on behalf of dog owners on either side of the pond.

    I miss you!

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