The Man Also Cooks

This week was Tim’s birthday, and [why, WordPress, is the look of my posting page all different… this is distracting…] so I thought I should mention that I am not the only person in this apartment who cooks food (although I certainly do most of it).

Tim also cooks, and as befits his character, he has taken one niche and aimed to perfect it, rather than trying recipes from nine different websites and eight ethnic cookbooks and three gourmet magazines (this is what I do).

Tim makes pizza.

He makes the dough, and he makes the sauce, and he assembles the pie. His patience and chemist’s instincts have made him the master of dough, whereas I am the acknowledged master of sticky unmanageable messes.

He investigates equipment and spends time online reading about how to drain cheese, or water-to-flour ratios. It’s very… scientific. And the results are delicious.

Sometimes it surprises me, because it’s so orderly:

The workspace when Tim cooks

The workspace when I cook

People attack projects in different ways. We enjoy the outcome just the same. And always, we observe the golden tradition: whoever cooks doesn’t do dishes.

What’s the cooking style in your home?


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  1. Lianne

    That looks even better than VIP! 🙂

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