Gym Needs a Copy Editor

There’s a certain brand of guerrilla copy-writing that uses random capitalization and punctuation for emphasis and perhaps to detract from the actual garbled content.

Thanks to Kate (whose gym membership fees are not going to copy editors) for sharing her WOW day with me.



Filed under Everyone Needs a Copy Editor

4 responses to “Gym Needs a Copy Editor

  1. Katrina

    Thank-You for sharing this! WOW! 🙂

  2. Kate

    I guess $19.99/month just doesn’t leave any extra $$ for copyediting! It’s all I can do not to whip out a marker and fix it myself when I walk by… ! (Also why is powder not allowed? Is it because it’s UN-safe or just messy???)

    • unquiettime

      The villainy of powder is unclear. (UN-clear?) I am worried that it might be because then they’d have to vacuum…

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