The Cows Went Home

Saturday was a gorgeous evening, and Tim suggested that we take a bike ride during the sunset. Once he’d suggested it, putting in the movie we’d rented just seemed lame, and off we went. (Sunset = around 21:30) The sun was sinking below the trees and we headed for a long straight path near some farms, where we thought the view would be spectacular. And it was: the cows were going home.

Separated from the bike path by just a low-strung wire, a herd of cows was moving along slowly, in an orderly fashion, to somewhere, led by I don’t know what. They just knew where they were going. And they were talking about it, too. I did not appreciate how loud cows can be when they are close by.

The behemoth mosquitoes detracted slightly from the contemplative nature of the moment, but even they couldn’t squash it.



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3 responses to “The Cows Went Home

  1. Scott

    Wow, that’s a beautiful sight. So nice to be near culture and the countryside too.
    Dairy cows don’t need to be called for milking time. They just show up when the time comes.

    • unquiettime

      Yes! I forgot to say that in my very, very limited knowledge of cows, many of these looked to me as if they needed milking ASAP.

      • unquiettime

        And also, the spires in the background are the center of Delft… it’s about three miles from our home to where the pictures are taken.

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