Oh, really, Microsoft Word?

There’s something ironic about this.

Look at this snarky message I got when I opened the main document of my novel this morning. I have never seen such an impertinent message. Word doesn’t approve of how I spell my main character’s name (for that matter, it doesn’t approve of MY name) and so even though I constantly click “ignore all,” my document is afflicted by the red squiggle of doom. I choose to ignore this, and so here’s where I wind up.

Can it, Word. I’m a professional.



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6 responses to “Oh, really, Microsoft Word?

  1. Bethany

    Ooh, a sneak preview! I like it already.

  2. Cathryn

    Love it! Can’t you add the spelling in Word on a Mac? That’s what I’ve done with my son’s name – you know that’s a spelling Word doesn’t like!

    • unquiettime

      I’ve been apathetic about what Word thinks, really. So I’m sure there are ways to avoid the red lines, as you mention.

  3. Tom

    Pretty presumptive and rude for an application.

  4. Max Schneider

    You just teach Word the Word(s) it doesn’t know and then it won’t complain any longer. The built in dictionary doesn’t know everything, isn’t always right and you are the master, after all. May be you want to spell a word differently on purpose?!

    Solution: Teach the programme the word(s) it doesn’t (yet) know. Here’s how: Right click the underlined Word, select “Add to dictionary” and you are done. It won’t ever complain any more, I promise.

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