Skillet Labels Need Copy Editors

A couple years ago I was in a T.J. Maxx, and I saw a potpourri of typos on the black-and-red tag (or so I remember it) of a cast-iron skillet. I remember contemplating taking photos with my phone, but felt kind of silly (those days have long passed) and walked away.

So this week when Stefanie emailed me a photo of a typo on a cast-iron skillet label spotted at Marshall’s, I had to wonder: was it the same label?

My conclusion is no, since I recall a black-and-red label that was like a little booklet. This can only lead us to conclude: there is a potentially substantial problem relating to typing errors on the labels of skillets found in American discount chains.

For help with effect vs. affect, talk to your local copy editor or read up here.


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