Stop and Shop Needs a Copy Editor

Not the first (or even the second) grocery store to appear on this blog, Stop and Shop is celebrating Talk Like a Pirate Day a bit late this year.

Thanks to Stefanie! And did you know that over here, arugula is known as rocket?



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2 responses to “Stop and Shop Needs a Copy Editor

  1. SW

    For the longest time, I was confused as to why my British-published cookbooks kept calling for flying objects, but then I figured out that they were just asking for spicy little arugula. I should have gotten the clue when I noticed they called peppers “capsicum.” Those wacky Europeans!

  2. It’s a Hispanic Arugula! I knew about arugula being called “rocket” in Europe mostly from Nigella Lawson. I learned a lot from her. Zucchinis are called Courgettes and Eggplants are called Aubergines. I used to be called “Rocket” by a little boy who couldn’t pronounce my name.

    Love these posts!

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