Trader Joe’s Needs a Copy Editor

I’m back in America, and I loved visiting Trader Joe’s today to pick up some Wintry Blend, but I had to borrow my sister-in-law’s camera to snap this picture. Is it brillant on bagels? Really?

I have more to tell you about being in America and running the Philadelphia Half Marathon yesterday (it’s not “half” anything; let me tell you), but right now I am watching SportsCenter. And I just missed a Skype meeting that I was invited to, because I added in the time difference even though I’m now in the same time zone as the rest of the participants. Shoot.

Thanks to Kat for the use of her phone.


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One response to “Trader Joe’s Needs a Copy Editor

  1. Kevin

    Based on this post, Becky bought some of that Wintery Blend for me. Very yummy. Know what else is yummy? Those tins of cocoa on the shelf below the pumpkin butter … well, not the tins themselves, of course.

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