Hij Komt!

It’s 5 December: Sinterklaas! (Is the appropriate greeting “Happy Sinterklaas”/”Merry Sinterklaas”/”Fijne Sinterklaas”… I do not know.) Sinterklaas has been in Holland (of course) for several weeks now, checking up on who’s been naughty and nice. Our friend told us his children have been good, so early this morning a neighbor is going to rap on their door, run away, and then when his children rush to the door they will find their shoes laden with gifts. When I was growing up, a neighbor would dress as Santa and conveniently be sighted in/near our house, exciting us to no end and proving finitely that Dad was not Santa, since Dad would be present. It’s fun to see the similarities.

This Sinterklaas, which I love, arrives via one of the smaller canals in Delft on a residential street. I saw him last year, too. We’re looking forward to going through the Christmas season here for the second time. Though lichtjesavond, the night the town kerstboom is lit and other festivities take place, isn’t until next week, this Saturday we took a walk with some friends to enjoy the lights already in place.

In keeping with Sinterklaas traditions, Tim and I went to our favorite chocolate shop to get a chocolate letter for our name. We went too late, however, and T, M, and B were all sold out. Somehow I think that F will be just as delicious.


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