The Arrival of 2012: Delft

I wrote about New Year’s Eve in Delft last year, and this year’s experience was similar (which means: I loved it). We had two friends and a dog over for the evening and around 11:45 took the champagne and the IKEA glasses and headed to the square. No more tourist feelings for us: we saw a group of our neighbors on the walk, and then just before midnight ran into a few friends from Tim’s work and joined up with them. Here are a few images from the arrival of 2012.

The partial aftermath

General haze of smoke on the walk home

One of my favorite sights this year was, for lack of a correct term, the fire-balloons. In our home footage below, after you see the clock showing just past midnight, the big glowing thing being released into the air is such a balloon, and then the tiny light in the upper left of the following clip is another one— the one we saw released had a short adventure, but several got as high as the clock on the Nieuwe Kerk.

Now the explosions have mostly ceased—I’ve only heard a few errant ones this morning. It’s back to work, back to normalcy, back to reduced amounts of sweets. Our 2012 looks good so far and we hope yours does, too. And I’ll just throw this out there, but does anyone in Delft know when / how I can dispose of my Christmas tree?



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2 responses to “The Arrival of 2012: Delft

  1. Mathieu

    Getting rid of your Christmas tree is done just by making a ‘grofvuil’ appointment with the Gemeente/Avalex. Alternatively, you could have contributed your tree to one of the five legal bonfires on New Year’s Eve :)…

    You can do the whole process online, but for you I’d recommend doing it on the phone. Here are the contact details: 0900-0507 or 14015. is the weblink. Note: you may need to get the Avalex card info from your landlord, if you don’t have it already.

  2. Jen

    Looks like an amazing night! They were doing those balloons here in the UK as well and were calling them “fire lanterns”.

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