Signs of Rome

I am always on the lookout for good signage, and Rome offered some gems!

commentary on the Euro crisis from a local cafe

Potentially my new favorite sign, full stop. Click to enlarge if necessary. It had me at “overcome the barriers of location.” From the National Monument.

OK, it’s not high school so I can’t tell you what this says anymore. But don’t you love how font-like this is? From the Colosseum.



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3 responses to “Signs of Rome

  1. Please tell me this title is a Respighi pun.

    • unquiettime

      Regrettably, it was not intentionally. But if I write one more post on Rome, I will have a Roman trilogy…

  2. Jo Ann

    Crisis Prices??? Metaphorically speaking, that can be taken in many ways…especially when one’s last name is Price…

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