German Hotel Room Needs a Copy Editor

Your guess is as good as mine. If you’re German, your guess might be better.

cant [kant] noun

1. insincere, especially conventional expressions of enthusiasm for high ideals, goodness, or piety.
2. the private language of the underworld.
3. the phraseology peculiar to a particular class, party, profession, etc.
4. whining or singsong speech, especially of beggars.
– from
Personally I’m hoping we’re in the ballpark of #2….


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9 responses to “German Hotel Room Needs a Copy Editor

  1. Kate

    I have heard of canted (angled) windows, and I think to “cant a window” can mean to open it at an angle (propping it open). Perhaps that’s what was intended?

    • unquiettime

      I suspect you are correct! This was a glass door to a balcony and to my untrained eye, it only opened one way (the normal door-type way), but that must be along the lines of what was meant.

  2. Judith Genaway

    I’m with you, Kate….something to protect or prevent injury? Don’t monkey around with the window.

  3. unquiettime

    Thanks, all… this one went right by me! I looked at this sign for 4 days and couldn’t figure what it meant.

  4. My German dictionary confirms that “tilt” is one definition of “kippen.”

  5. Jo Ann

    I think of the verb “cant” in relation to window blinds; if you cant blinds, you tilt them at an angle. There are also windows that cant. Did this door have a window that opened by tilting, as opposed to just doing the in-line, one dimensional, up-down thing?
    Maybe they were afraid of breakage, if that’s the case.

  6. I want to go back to the secret underworld language interpretation. 🙂

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