“American”: Pancakes, giant shirt, and (‘tuurlijk) cookies

IMG 7063

I’ve been accumulating, once again, references to my home country amid European grocery stores and markets. Above, from the refrigerated section of C1000, we have pre-packaged “American” pancakes. The curious thing about this one, to me, is that pre-packaged pancakes or pannenkoeken are a very Dutch product. And yet, the one peeping through that window by the American flag does resemble something produced by my dad and a frying pan on a Sunday morning…

IMG 7091

The truly unfortunate thing about this photo is that there is nothing to give you the size perspective of this T-shirt. It could have housed a family of five. Interpret at will.

IMG 6094

And last but never least common: another sighting of American cookies. These particular cookies appeared at Marqt in den Haag, a Whole-Foods-esque store (though smaller), which annoyingly will not let you pay cash, no matter how small your purchase. Therefore, buying a €1,90 cookie seemed silly.

For the origins of “American,” read here.


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