Ambiguous Recipe Needs a Copy Editor

Apple crisp

It begins innocently enough. Perhaps the idea of a pie shell for apple crisp seems odd, but you forge along… until you’re wondering where the rhubarb came in, and just what exactly are you making? End by buttering the pan. Eat whatever seems best.

Thanks to Scott, who hopefully didn’t waste a bunch of apples. And another thing:

I took this photo months ago, in Cambridge, near the campus of Harvard, where there is no excuse for bad spelling.



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2 responses to “Ambiguous Recipe Needs a Copy Editor

  1. Jo Ann

    Come on, Meg! What would apple crisp be without the rhubarb?? (What the heck is rhubarb anyway, and what do you do with it? Isn’t it some weird red stalky thing? Unless it tastes like red Twizzlers, I’m not trying it…)

  2. Apple crisp is great, I love it! Funny picture, horrible mistake on that board though, funnily enough it’s near Harvard!

    Thanks for the post 🙂

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