“American” in Paris

You know how at grocery stores there are different cultural aisles? Well, it’s no different at la Grande Epicerie, the upscale food extension of Paris’s famous le Bon Marche. There is an Italian shelf with fancy pastas and tomato sauces. There is a Japanese shelf with the makings of intricate home sushi.

And then there’s the “USA, Canada” shelf. Have you ever wondered what sort of goodies we’re credited with in the wider world? Processed salad dressings… ice-cream toppings… M&Ms (at a whopping €8-9 a bag!)… Fluff… peanut butter… microwave popcorn… and, OK, Arm & Hammer Baking Soda. That’s one thing I actually stock up on when I’m at a Target!

“Classic Foods of America”

Harry’s American Sandwich

You can see past “American” sightings here.



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4 responses to ““American” in Paris

  1. flirtyfairy

    Hahahaha! When I lived in Melbourne, there was a store called Treats from Home we’d hit up about once a week – it was mostly full of British stuff – stale Jaffa cakes and such – but had a small American section and I’d always get Butterfinger and Cherry Coke! It’s amazing what you start to miss when you can’t get it anywhere. Actually, candy is the one thing I’ve found to be most diverse around the world. I remember being at a newsstand in Toronto – Toronto! – and recognizing about 90% of the magazines and 0% of the candy.

  2. That looks pretty similar to the American section of the grocery store I go to here in Utrecht. Except we don’t get the molasses or Karo, unfortunately. I get my baking soda from a toko and I can find the molasses and Karo at an expat store, but it’s so pricey! Fortunately, I didn’t buy a lot of this stuff when I did live in the US, so it’s easier to resist it now, considering the cost.

    • unquiettime

      I agree- this is mostly not stuff I want. Early on I visited an “expat store” in den Haag but was so offended by the high prices that I left without buying anything! Luckily in terms of food, there isn’t a ton that we miss that we can’t find.

      • The prices really are outrageous! I bought a can of Libby’s pumpkin purée once, right before Thanksgiving when I was running short on time and having lots of Dutch guests over. The can didn’t have a price on it and I almost died when it rang up as something like €6! If I hadn’t been desperate, I wouldn’t have bought it. Never again!

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