“American” Cranberries

All right, I’ll agree with this one. As Thanksgiving approaches, I’m looking forward to roasting some of these into sauce—these “power berries from the USA”!

Also on the “America” theme… in September in France we stopped for an off-the-highway dinner at a place called Buffalo Grill. It’s the kind of place I feel ironic eating, because there we are confirming their ideas that this is how Americans dine. Well, in the US I avoid places like TGI Friday’s; and in France, I don’t think I’d return to a Buffalo Grill. The food was mediocre, but the experience was surreal. Twangy, sappy American country music was blaring on the sound system, and TVs set up throughout the large restaurant were looping a promo video for recreation in the state of Utah. It was minute after minute of footage confirming that happy Americans spend their days white-water rafting, hiking, and climbing, all looking incredibly fit and sun-kissed.

Placemat, Buffalo Grill

If you go to this link and watch the video called “l’concept interieur,” you can also view a sample of the decor as it includes representations of Native Americans and, of course, the American bar-snack staple: popcorn.

Addendum: I’m not the only person who finds these things (and is amused by them!). Here are two other “American” restaurants discovered by Expat Bloggers….

“I Don’t Think We’re in Kansas” from A Flamingo in Utrecht

and “Not Quite a Slice of Home” from Marwarology



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2 responses to ““American” Cranberries

  1. I’ve noticed the increased presence of cranberries in the stores, too. Unfortunately, I was never a big fan of cranberry sauce. Still, I hate to miss out on them completely. Maybe I’ll make some other sort of dessert with them.

    I love seeing foreign concepts of American food/dining. Some aren’t too bad, but others make me cringe. Like the ribs place that opened here a few years ago: http://oranjeflamingo.wordpress.com/2010/07/04/i-dont-think-were-in-kansas/

  2. “Incredibly fit and sun-kissed” is a way more flattering description than I would’ve expected most Europeans to have of us! It must be all that carpaccio we’re eating…

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