Christmas Eve Eve Eve


Greetings from Amsterdam, where even the public urinals have caught the holiday spirit.

We had the Christmas gift of a night in Amsterdam this week to see the National Ballet production of Prokofiev’s Cinderella. Back in Boston we used to see a bit of ballet, and Cinderella was a favorite. I’m no ballet expert, but the James Kudelka choreography and the amazing Boston design concept may have spoiled me for all future productions of this ballet.

That said, the Amsterdam ballet was lovely; the orchestra was fantastic; and even though we had the cheapest tier of tickets in the theater, our seats were amazing. We left resolving to make more of an effort to get to the city for live events. We also enjoyed a very good Italian dinner at not-pricey La Festa and spent the next day aimlessly wandering and window-shopping.

Screen Shot 2012-12-22 at 2.47.39 PM

Now Christmas is nearly upon us, if made somewhat surreal by the incessant rain. My brother arrives from the US today for his first European adventure, and we’re looking forward to showing him around.

Singel, Amsterdam

Singel, Amsterdam

Improbable Christmas Gifts That I Would Like (Non-Exhaustive)

1. The publication of a sequel by Susanna Clarke to Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell.

2. When we go to the airport to pick up my brother, there’s a fantastic surprise and my WHOLE FAMILY is there!

3. Miraculous re-grouting of our funky shower.

4. Teleportation device so that I can be present at one (or all) of the Christmas Eve (Eve) (Eve) service(s) at Grace Chapel (Lexington, MA, USA) to celebrate Christmas with dear friends and to see the performance of a script that I wrote.

5. SNOW!

What about you? Christmas wishes, probable or otherwise?



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3 responses to “Christmas Eve Eve Eve

  1. Jo Ann

    My Christmas and New Year’s wish? Sane, common sense gun control in the U.S.! As a mom and a teacher, that’s the miracle I would like to see, above all else.

  2. SW

    Have you read “The Ladies of Grace Adieu”? Not truly a sequel, I know, but still a nice little continuation of the world of Strange/Norrell. I’d LOVE there to be a sequel too…

  3. Loved to find another blog-soul-mate, loving\living the Dutch adventure! My NY wish is we – Europeans in Europe- reach the crisis rabbit hole bottom soon enough to start climbing up and up and up to where we used to be. I wish all good things to happen to all good people here and there, and everywhere. Because all we need is love. Love, luck and … “Amsterdam” 🙂

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