“American” Sandwich


I think I took this in Beaune, France, this fall. I came across it (happily) while sorting through massive quantities of barely-organized digital photos and wishing (unhappily) that I did more organizing of our travel photos immediately following our traveling. I lost two hours trying to turn an assortment of the best from last summer’s vacation into an iMovie and then considered how difficult it would be to create some sort of “best of Europe” album from our time here—and do I fancy sorting through thousands of digital photos to do it?

The thing I kick myself for is not labeling the photos immediately with where they were taken. A year afterward, I’m looking at photos taken in five charming French villages and trying to recall which was which. The only really good tip I have is to take photos of village-name signs and road signs and restaurant names and things like that—the images may not have artistic merit, but they will help you later on.

Any other travelers out there have great tips on organizing and finding actual uses for your photos?



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3 responses to ““American” Sandwich

  1. the closest I come to being organised with my photos is when I download them, I label where they were taken. Once in a while , I will give one a title, if the photo immediately brings a thought/remark to mind.
    being organised is a real job, isn’t it ? 😦

  2. Ken

    agree with taking pics of signs. Once I heard about that I started taking pictures at the entrances to churches, museums, etc. that were very helpful months later when I organized the pics

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