Delft: A Local’s Guide

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Delft: A Local’s Guide

I had a weird burst of productivity in the month before we moved. Several things that I’d always “meant to do” suddenly seemed urgent, now-or-never; and one of them was writing a short guidebook on Delft. Since getting a Kindle a few years back, I’ve downloaded some by-local e-guides and found them useful—especially in a town or an area that gets maybe a page, or a page and a half, in a mainstream guide. As a tour guide, and as a host to family and friends, I gave a lot of history and plenty of recommendations over the past four years. I can’t stop talking about Delft, and I wrote this book to help others discover it!

Delft: A Local’s Guide is available on ($3.99) for Kindle, and with the free Kindle app for your other devices. If you use it, I’d love to hear what you think!

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A whole bunch of our friends bantered ideas and titles with me for the book—but the biggest thanks go to Tim and Fabai for reading the draft, and to Adi for some good suggestions. Thanks, guys!

P.S. After I clicked “publish” on this post, WordPress informed me that this is my 400th post on this blog. How fitting!




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2 responses to “Delft: A Local’s Guide

  1. jgenaway

    Oh, I wanna go back! But….YOU are not there :(….that was the big draw. But….I loved Delft and my visit with you. It will always be the highlight of the River Cruise I took with Uniworld. I was ON MY OWN from Amsterdam….and had to figure it all out. I could have used Meghan Blosser’s local guide.

    Thankyou for writing it. MANY will appreciate all the help it gives….you’re the new RICK STEVES!

  2. Betsy

    You are a published author! This is so exciting. I’m really thrilled for you. I think back to our drinks in the Eagle and Child in Oxford and our time exploring Blackwell’s and want to tell us then, “She does it! Meg becomes a published author!” Congratulations, friend.

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